Three Big Reasons Why Your Energy Bill Is Set to Skyrocket...

There's a good chance that you're sick of seeing your energy bills rise month after month. The bad news is this isn't going to make a miraculous
u-turn... The big energy companies won't be lowering prices any time soon. Quite the opposite in fact, as the big energy companies and the ruling elite are actually trying to keep the truth hidden from as many people as possible.

Energy prices are set to skyrocket, much more than we've seen before. I'm not talking in 20 years, 10 years or even 5 years time.... I'm talking much sooner than that.

Rates already climb pretty steadily each year, but there are a number of factors that threaten to cause a huge surge in energy costs for everyone in the very near future. Let's consider the 3 main reasons why...

Reason #1: The Future of Coal Is Uncertain

Coal is currently the main source of electricity for the US power grid. It is currently used for more than 40% of our nation’s electricity because it’s cheap, abundant and can be stored very easily. 

But that's where the good news ends. Coal is not popular with law-makers and is being hit hard by the need to reduce pollution. Nearly every day it's in the headlines and none of it looks rosy for the future of coal... which itself certainly isn't limitless in supply. New regulations are being brought in all the time that make it harder and harder for coal-fired plants to keep operating. That costs the big energy companies more to provide us with electricity, and these higher costs are passed onto us. 

It's highly possible that coal plants will have to massively scale back on their operations or close all together in the years to come. That's 40% of the energy supply to be replaced by far more costly means. 

It's simple supply and demand - and our demand is rising whilst the supply is set to fall.  

Daniel Kish (senior vice president of the Institute for Energy Research) recently said, "everywhere you turn, there are proposals and regulations to make prices go higher.” And every study I've seen predicts energy prices for Americans are going to skyrocket by 35%-70% in the next couple years… 

This is before the constant barrage of new regulations regarding emissions, greenhouse gasses and quotas for renewable power are even taken into account. You may not be felling the full impact yet, but I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty worrying.

Reason #2: Our Energy Grid Is Rapidly Aging & Out of Date 

America's energy grid is aging rapidly and in serious need of upgrades. Unbelievably, some parts of the grid actually date back to the 1880's!

Following extensive studies, The American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave the nation's energy grid a grade of D+, and furthermore they said the grid needs $673 billion worth of urgent upgrades and repairs to avoid a power crisis in the immediate future.

Trust me when I say the government and power companies won't be paying the bill.

The work needs to be done because every day the grid gets worse, becoming more and more susceptible to bad weather, increased power demands, and even terrorist/cyber-attacks. The power companies are obliged to fix the problems and upgrade the grid, and we'll end up paying for it through further rate increases.  

Reason #3: Demand for Energy Is Increasing ​Massively

As I've discussed above the supply of cheap energy is shrinking fast.

Unfortunately, this is all happening at the very time that our demand for energy is increasing exponentially. Our country has seen a huge increase in demand for energy steadily throughout the last 15 years, and is set to continue.

We're more reliant on energy than ever before; just look around inside your home to see why. We have larger homes and bigger & better appliances than ever before, and virtually all of our modern conveniences are powered by electricity. The big energy companies must be rubbing their hands together!

We're back to our supply and demand scenario... but unfortunately this is the reality we're facing when it comes to energy prices.

More and more people are starting to take matters into their own hands before it gets too late. I'd looked into a few cheaper energy sources in the past without luck, but recently that's all changed. I believe I found a big loophole that actually allows us to avoid higher energy costs and keep more money for our families.

Are You Ready to Take a Stand Against High Energy Costs?

There is a way to avoid the suffering of the supply-and-demand problem that's set to make our energy rates skyrocket. We can control our own destiny (and finances) when it comes to powering our homes.

It's not new technology; but it's a new way to use this technology without the expense that's associated with it. Let me tell you about a guy called Zack Bennett... 

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